Movement and Meditation

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Please contact Bill (see below) for information on a re-start date.



Movement & Meditation uses the principles of Tai Chi and Chi Kung to help develop a sense of inner calm through simple meditation practices, which fosters an experience of deep relaxation, clarity and focus: these qualities are then transferred into movement using the simple principles of Chi Kung. Chi Kung promotes grounding and balance, emphasising movement that originates in the base and flows through to the upper body in relaxing, energising waves; thus developing deep inner body connections which stimulate the natural energies of the body. Practice Fridays 1.30pm in the Morlais room. Practice is open to people of all ages, health and level of fitness. Teaching is by Bill James, qualified instructor with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. Over 20 years experience of teaching Tai Chi & Chi Kung in the Llanelli & Swansea areas. Contact Bill: 01792 896327 Mob: 07814 571247